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Tales of a Monstrous Heart

Coming 2024...


Some things should never be woken...

Katherine Woodrow is a Fey, and all she wants is to graduate from the Institute of Magic. But when an unfortunate incident with a demon trapped in a book causes a scandal, the prejudiced mortal Council threaten her position at the Institute. Until a mysterious summons arrives, to partner with the elusive Lord Blackthorn of Blackthorn Manor, and complete her education under his mentorship. 

Lord Emrys Blackthorn, war hero, recluse, Master Mage and the cursed Blackthorn heir. When Katherine has no choice but to accept their partnership, she is thrown into a world of dark magic, and faced with hideous monsters that that dark summoning can create. 


When a string of murders and Fey disappearances threaten to cause another war between the mortals and Fey... Emrys and Kat must venture into the unknown wilderness of Elysior to solve the mystery, where curses and dark fiends come out to play.


However, the secrets they both keep might be the deadliest thing of all... 

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